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Ribbed wire

Ribbed wire

Ribbed wire production

Main features: 

  • The production of ribbed metalic wire (bright-galvanized or zinc-alu coated) ensures improved adherence.
  • Ribbed wire is produced by indentation through rollers

Main uses: agriculture, building, industry, welded mesh with improved adherence, screed mesh, flooring.

Range of diameters: 3- 6 mm

Type of packaging: spooled coil A42,A60, A63

Types of finish: bright, galvanized, Alu-Zinc

Classes of coating: UNI EN 10244-2

Chemical composition: UNI EN 16120-2

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Main applications

Main applications


Details of packaging methods available for: Ribbed wire

Spooled coil

Code Ø outside Ø inside Height Weight Ø range
A42 950 mm 600 mm 440 mm 700/1000 kg 1.55 - 6.00 mm
A60 950 mm 600 mm 620 mm 1200/1400 kg 1.55 - 12.00 mm
A63 950 mm 560 mm 650 mm 1000/1800 kg 1.55 - 12.00 mm

We can fully customise packaging and product specifications on customer request, and issue EN 10204 3.1 certification