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Who we are

Tecnofil a leading wire drawing mill in Italy and throughout the world

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30 years of wire drawing experience

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Tecnofil today

Tecnofil was established in 1994 and from the start developed and strengthened its core business in wire production ,drawing and galvanising, and especially in the production of wire with low and medium carbon steel content.

We have been producing wire since 1994 and in 2016 the company became part of the Alfa Acciai Group, a European leader in steel manufacture, becoming one of the most important drawing mills and galvanisers in Europe for the manufacture of metal wire, galvanised wire, zinc-aluminium wire, bright wire, annealed wire, redrawn wire, skin-passed wire for numerous applications in industry, building, farming, wine-growing, ironmongery and household goods.

Our close links to the Alfa Acciai Group has increased our overall production capacity considerably, which, thanks to the installation of a new 40-wire galvanising line, now stands at 100,000 tonnes of wire a year.

We have premises covering an area of 30,000 m² to produce and process wire using wet and dry drawing plants developed and designed by Tecnofil, and two galvanising baths.

A direct connection to one of the leading steel manufacturers in Europe not only enables us to satisfy any order in terms of volumes, in particular it means access to direct quality control of the characteristics of the raw materials processed in wire drawing, and therefore the quality and characteristics of our finished products.

This involvement with the raw materials processed in our plants, extensive experience in the manufacture of metal wire, and expertise in the processing equipment and production lines of our customers, enable us to provide quality products continually with customised specifications, providing customers with comprehensive solutions in rapid timescales with the best technical support and product reliability available.

Discover the quality of Alfa Acciai steel.

Our origins

Since it was established and even today, Tecnofil considers innovation and quality to be keywords in its production methods. We have obtained ISO 9001 certification and OHSAS 18001 certification, and continually invest in product quality with research and innovation, in addition to quality in the work environment, organisational procedures, respect for the environment and values of reciprocity, impartiality, honesty, transparency and fair competition, as outlined in our Code of Ethics.

Thanks to our strong commitment to investing in innovation and the many customers who have believed in our technical and technological skills, we have continued to expand our production business since 1994. This has enabled us to become one of the leading drawing mills in Europe, with cutting-edge production processes in terms of quality and innovation, and extensive knowledge of metal wire products and equipment/product workflows. Tecnofil decided at the outset to make the equipment used for wire processing in-house, and has continued to implement specific features with research and innovation.

This means that we know our product very well in terms of technical production characteristics and interaction with processing machinery, acquiring unique expertise which, thanks to joining Alfa Acciai, allows us to deal with metal wire production from the raw materials through to the packaging of products.

As part of the Alfa Acciai Group, Tecnofil is now one of the leading wire drawing companies in Europe, able to support its customers with complete all-round solutions.