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Values and code of ethics

The values and code of ethics at Tecnofil

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A brand that makes a commitment

The energy that has nurtured the growth of Tecnofil since 1994 has always included the desire to innovate, always do better, trust in our expertise, and know how to read the market, but most importantly it has been about making customer requirements a priority.

This is because the keywords that have always channelled our drive and motivation have been quality, respect and reliability.

Respect for our customers and their work: it is only by giving our all that we can be sure of being first and foremost a resource for our customers, ensuring they have a high-quality product and global service.

By operating with a mindset that focuses on reliability, respect and customer satisfaction, Tecnofil has tested the validity of its wire production for a considerable time, by focusing some of its business on the production of machinery for testing galvanised wire, zinc-aluminium wire, bright wire, redrawn wire and various other types of wire.
It has therefore been a customer-focused approach that has enabled us to increasingly develop the technical characteristics of our products, and understand perfectly how they perform in processes using different machinery.

Respect for the work of our colleagues: we consider it very important for employees to feel part of a company they can believe in and where they can give their best, taking ownership of their own responsibilities. This is the only way to provide customers with a product and service of superior quality.

Respect for the community and the area where we operate: to achieve this, Tecnofil has always strived to obtain important product quality and environmental accreditation, because at Tecnofil the best production system is a sustainable system, which uses resources and energy responsibly and prioritises the health and safety of workers and respect for the local community.

The values that guide our company

Our principal value is reciprocity – all work relationships must be modelled on mutual benefit and respect for each role. The main principles that regulate company conduct are as follows:

Tecnofil has a company Code of Ethics to provide guidelines on conduct and company relationships in accordance with a set of defined values and criteria.