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Our strengths

Tecnofil's strengths in wire rod mill process

Quality products and services. Tecnofil has been committed to optimising quality, both of finished products resulting from wire rod processing and company organisation, focusing on the continual development of company expertise and technical skill to best meet customer requirements.

The quality of our products has always been ensured by ongoing technological innovation and strict control, not to mention the fact that we belong to the Alfa Acciai Group.

Alfa Acciai is a leading steel manufacturer in Europe with a production capacity of 2.5 million tonnes per year and has always stood apart thanks to investment in quality steel raw materials and derivatives, and innovation and optimisation to produce steel with reproducible consistent characteristics. This enables customers to optimise their processing parameters and maintain high production performance levels.

The partnership between Tecnofil and Alfa Acciai has enabled Tecnofil to reach 100,000 tonnes of production capacity per year and, above all, to guarantee the ongoing quality of its production and every batch supplied, by using wire rod which is strictly Alfa Acciai as a starting point.

Having a product whose technical characteristics are constant and unchanged during the production process, and which can meet requirements during the processing of downstream products, enables our clients to reduce processing costs, as operational parameters can be optimised.

Providing customers with ongoing product quality is made possible by the use of Alfa Acciai wire rod and our direct knowledge of the quality of the raw materials used.

Tecnofil also uses equipment and process technologies developed in-house in its wire production process, in addition to instrumentation to monitor chemical, mechanical and dimensional characteristics throughout the production process.

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Production capacity of 100.000 tonnes per year

Alfa Acciai is a leading steel manufacturer in Europe with a production capacity of 2.5 million tonnes per year. Being part of the Alfa Acciai Group, and the installation of a new wire galvanising line, has enabled Tecnofil to reach a production capacity of 100,000 tonnes per year of galvanised iron wire, and metal wire with various features and manufacturing processes. This allows us to meet any type of customer order in rapid timescales.

The raw material we use, Alfa Acciai wire rod, has obtained accreditation and quality endorsements at national and international levels. For further information on certification for the rod wire used in our production process click on the link below.



In terms of product certificates, Tecnofil currently provides the 3.1 and 2.2 test certificates. Tecnofil has also obtained ISO14001, ISO9001 and ISO45001 certification for quality and safety.

Consolidated expertise along the production chain

We can provide our clients with unique expertise which, thanks to joining Alfa Acciai, allows us to deal with l wire production from the raw materials through to the packaging of downstream processed products.

In practice Tecnofil not only has a direct understanding of the quality of the raw materials used in its rod wire processes, the company has also tested the validity of its wire production for a considerable time, by focusing some of its business on the production of machinery for testing galvanised wire, zinc-aluminium wire, bright wire, redrawn wire and various other types of wire. As a result, over the years we have increasingly developed the technical characteristics of our products, and we know perfectly well how they perform in processing on different machines.

Our experience enables us to provide customers with a personalised consultation, thanks to an R&D team that has the specialist skill of Tecnofil and Alfa Acciai. This means we can carry out feasibility projects to prepare and give shape to the ideas of our customers.

Product customisation

A commitment to meeting customer requirements is part of our background and the lifeblood of the company. We can provide tailor-made solutions for the main technical features of our metal wire processes in relation to:

Our products are extremely versatile in complying with individual customer requirements.

All-round support

To sum up… Reliability

As part of Alfa Acciai we can guarantee customers the following:

High levels of production capacity

Products with high levels of technical performance

Product customisation and ongoing innovation

Rapid response and delivery throughout the world

World-wide all-round support