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Alfa Acciai Group

A European leader in steel manufacture

The Alfa Acciai Group is a European leader in steel manufacture

The Group comprises Alfa Acciai, one of the largest EAF steel mills in Italy, Acciaierie Sicilia, the market benchmark for the production of steel in Southern Italy, Ferroberica, at the forefront in Europe in the pre-shaping, assembly and laying of steel for reinforced concrete for all kinds of structural work – namely roads, railways and maritime infrastructures - and for public, industrial and civil building construction in general, and Tecnofil, which is among leading wire drawing mills in Europe for the production of wire.

Alfa Acciai Group has a great history, which started in the 1950s with the production of steel, rolling steel and downstream processed products, and currently boasts an yearly production capacity of 2.5 million tonnes.

Over the years, the parent company Alfa Acciai has implemented a policy of upstream and downstream integration of its business activity, which enables it to meet all its partners’ operating requirements and guarantee a superior standard of quality throughout the production process.

The Group’s development policy has always focused on quality:

by delivering consistent-quality products

by seeking the ideal balance between expectations of growth in business value, customer satisfaction and the protection of occupational health and safety and the environment.

All the production plants in the Alfa Acciai Group implement certified Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and the Environment Management Systems and the Group has invested and continues to make investments in design engineering and business management aimed at maintaining the best performance in terms of environmental compatibility. At a local level, the Group is one of the founding members of RAMET, a consortium that conducts environmental research for metallurgy.

The products manufactured by the Alfa Acciai Group:

EN ISO 14021

are certified to EN ISO 14021 for recycled material (our products contain 98% recycled material)


bear the ICMQ ECO mark, which synthesizes the complex environmental performance of a steel product intended for use in sustainable building construction


the ECOSISMIC trademark, which certifies excellence in steel for reinforced concrete in terms not only of anti-seismic properties but also environmental sustainability

ISO 14025

ISO 14025 (Environmental Product Declaration or EPD), a voluntary certified declaration of the product-associated environmental impact, which is made available to the public and analyzes the process energy efficiency and the impact in terms of renewable and non-renewable resources and low emission levels.


the SISMIC quality mark, which certifies that our steel for the reinforcement of concrete has additional mechanical and performance properties that make it suitable for use in seismic areas,


Sustainable steel, a voluntary mark promoted by EUROFER, the European Steel Association

Another strength of the Alfa Acciai Group is the attention devoted to customer relations. The Alfa Acciai customer service is a well-structured system of integrated services offering a vast range of products, an extensive sales network, a Help Desk service providing online support, available at all times via a web interface, a well-assorted stock and product third-party liability insurance coverage, which is a guarantee of ongoing assistance and fast and in-time deliveries.

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