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Sandblasting machines BANFI


3 pieces available

Machine for continuous wire descailing.

Year: 2001

Type: DESCALER 45/3 TP1G


·       Each machine has three carlo banfi turbine model: TP1G diameter 360 mm, 11kW each

·       Wire height from workshop floor level: 980 mm.

·       Shot flow guiding manganese metal plate: fixed

·       Wire dimensions that can be processed: Diameters from 5.5 to 13 mm.

·       Production rate: from 40 to 60 meter/min.

·       Surface finishing level: ASa 21/2

·       Voltage: 380 Volt 50 Hz, Auxiliaries: 110 Volt 50Hz

Please note that the project the machines came from forecasted one cartridges filter serving all of them.

·       Fiter BDF 18

Ø  Air flow 12000 m3 / h

Ø  Operating temperature environment

Ø  Filtration area 360 m2

Ø  Number of cartridges No. 18

Ø  Microfiber filter medium

Ø  Total prevalence of the fan 230 mm H2O

Ø  Pressure loss of the filter 40-120 mm H2O

Ø  Fan motor power 11 kW

Ø  Filtration speed 0.55 m / min

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