Wire band

TECNOFIL produces wireband brad nails and wireband staples

the quality of our products and the many-years experience in the wire industry, makes us a leader player on the international market for the production of wire band for staples.

More than that, we are aware that the service to customers is what makes the difference,  both in terms of delivery times, and in terms of customized products.

TECNOFIL wire band is manufactured through cold rolling process and the hot gluing of wires.
Production control is total: the wire is manufactured by our own drawing department, and the banding machines are also 

This completely in-house process enables us to check every single step of manufacturing.

That’s why our wire-band is the best you can find on market.

 Our product range covers all series of staples, brad and pins for industrial application, upholstery and office.

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from 0.51 x0.41 mm to 2.58 x 2.35 mm
Number of wires: from 24 to 210 (according to customer needs)


wooden spools

  • external diameter 1150 mm, internal diameter 520 mm
  • Height from 180mm to 290 mm
  • Maximum gross weight 600 kg - Tare: 45 kg

The spools are complete of wooden plugs to ease handling and stock.