Soaped wire and bright wire

The bright wire and soaped wire of Tecnofil rod is drawn by  straight-line dry drawing machines, from diam. 6 mm to 1.50 mm, for the production of soaped wire or bright wire of the best quality.

When diameters are thinner,  bright wire or soaped wire is processed by wet drawing process, until diam. 0.40 mm, using anti-skidding wet drawing machines.

Tecnofil is can supply all the types of bright wire and soaped wire in a wide range of formats for all need.

Product range

Soaped wire from diam. 0,40 mm to 6,00 mm

Bright wire from diam. 0,40 mm to 6,00 mm


nail manufacturing, welded meshes and fences, metal accessories ( hooks, springs, holders and hanging details for suspended ceilings), wooden box stitching, clotheshorses manufacturing, metal baskets, filters, hooks for hangers, grids, staples, clips, brads, meshes, bended items


  • soaped
  • bright clean