galvanized wire

 galvanised wireOur galvanized wire is made by a new 30 wires galvanizing line, working with wires from 0.90 mm to 6.00 mm. 

This is a latest technology plant, producing galvanized wire with ordinary zinc coating or zinc coating on demand (gas wipe system).

The line production capacity is 3,000 tons per month.
in the galvanizing department, a quality control unit is consatntly supervising the correct zinc coating of wires.
The plant is equipped with static spoolers and dynamic spoolers.

  • soft galvanized wire - the wire is hot-dip galvanised and then annealed in in-line furnaces. This treatment reduces the tensile strength and increases the elongation range.
  • hard galvanised wire - the wire is hot-dip galvanised with no annealing process. This treatment keeps the drawn wires’ mechanical features unchanged.
  • re-drawn galvanised wire - the wire is drawn once again to get a particularly bright and polished surface.


  • ordinary galvanized
  • heavy galvanized – zinc quantity depending on customer needs according to UNI EN 10244-2.

Product range

from diam. 0,50 mm to 6 mm


welded meshes, chain link fences, gabions, air filtering meshes, hangers, holders and hanging details, metal accessories, cable armouring, stitching, agriculture and vineyard binding, drawing, grids, shelving solutions, staples, clips, brads, banded accessories