About us

TECNOFIL is highly specialized in the production of low and medium carbon steel wire.
Located in the North of Italy, Tecnofil operates through 3 main divisions that make it the most complete partner in the wire industry.

Tecnofil was born in 1994 as a manufacturer of high precision steel wires for the fastening industry : the quick expansion on the international market, and the need of a constant quality control encouraged Tecnofil to integrate in-house all the production processes.

Today TECNOFIL is focused on production of: wire band for fasteners , low and medium carbon steel wire, machinery for wire and wireband.

For any operator sourcing wire and wire band TECNOFIL is a warranty not only of a high quality product, but also  of a special service, always customer-oriented.

The flexible production systems, the exclusive know-how and the high integration make TECNOFIL the best partner in the wire industry.