With production facilities covering a total area of 30.000 M2, TECNOFIL is highly focused on the production of low and medium carbon steel wire (bright, coppered, galvanized, annealed) and wire band for staples. Our total annual production is of approximately  45.000 tons.

TECNOFIL has an ISO 9001-2000 certification.

Tecnofil Machinery and engineering Department

Tecnofil machinery department is equipped with:

  • Lathe and milling cutters
  • Working stations with numeric control
  • Boring machines
  • Grinding machines
  • Welding unit
  • Carpentry with bending machines
  • Calender machines
  • Shearing machines

The machinery shop is completely autonomous, and produces by its own every single part of the machine, including high precision mechanics,
An essential condition to have an overall control on production.

Our machinery department is not only specialized in manufacturing new machines, but also we can overhaul second-hand machines and make them respecting security measures. All of our machines have CE mark.

In this department, a special area is dedicated to machinery testing.

Our team is composed of highly specialized technicians, working with up-to-date design systems  CAD3D.

Quality control

Three quality control stations are located throughout Tecnofil facilities:

  1. station for staples pressing:  we test the pressing of staples in extreme conditions before selling the wire band to customer.
  2. Quality station for wire: we test tensile strength and elongation; moreover, we test the surface treatment.
  3. Quality station for zinc quantities tests


Wet drawing department

We work with:

  • wet drawing machines
  • machine to pack wire in carton tubes
  • anti-skidding wet drawing machine
  • copper baths
  • eleven-wires line for superficial treatment


Dry drawing machines

We work with straight-line dry drawing  machines

We have recently enlarged our facilities with a new drawing department with TECNOFIL-made machines, granting better and better performance in quality.

Galvanizing plant

We have a 30 wires hot-dip galvanizing line working with diameters from 0.90 to 6.00 mm.
Thanks to this next generation line, we can offer commercial galvanized wire or heavy galvanized wire (the line is equipped with a gas wipe system)
The line production capacity grants a monthly prduction of 3000 tons.

In this department there is a quality control station for the constant monitoring of zinc holding on the wire

Annealing furnaces

Annealing furnaces for thermic treatment in controlled atmosphere .

Wire banding

The wire band making machines are all TECNOFIL  – made.


Dies production

TECNOFIL has also the most up-to-date technologies for grinding and brightening the dies, so that we can grant their precision and the consequent perfect drawing.

Wire rod stock

2 sheds and 2 large squares are dedicated  to wire rod stocking 

Purification plant

Purification plant